A downloadable """"game"""" for Windows and Linux


The World's best particle simulator game ever. Why is it the best, you ask?

-Action filled physics! Watch as particles fall!!!!

-If you drop sand of water it will sink!!! Isn't dat awsum?

-3 exciting particles to choose from, each with different behaivor!

-if you get bored playing with physics, press Y on your keyboard to draw in purple!!!

Download now to make poor Yaku feel happy


-Left click to draw particles!

-Right click to change what particles you are drawing!

-Resize canvas with I and O (Yes I know how weird it looks)

-Unlock mistery purple brick (no gravity) with Y

Install instructions

Download files for your OS, and unzip.

If you use 64bit Linux, JRE in already in the files, you can simply run the game

otherwise, you need to install JRE manually (if haven't done before)


1.0.1 Win64 4 MB
1.0.1 Win32 4 MB
1.0.1 Linux64 (Built-in Java) 80 MB
1.0.1 Linux32 4 MB